Our Essence

orange Light house in storm with a red cable

We see potential where others lost hope. 

We stand for unseen, unthinkable proposals that break through the perceived limits of what is feasible. We combine our experience with our creativity and bring fresh ideas and true innovation, where traditional solutions are no longer satisfactory or enough to continue. 

We work holistically from the inside out. Be it structure, content, dynamics. We are really fast in getting an overview on your organization and in locating the leaks, where you lose energy. In parallel, we detect untapped potential. 

Our proposals are mind-blowing, intriguing, inspiring, and… most importantly challenging but feasible. We have our unique way of working together with people. It is motivating, playful and fun. And even when we sail choppy waters together, we never lose touch of what matters most: Humanness. 

We have a passion for people and human dynamics. We know they are key to long-term prosperity and sustainable success. We love to co-create and to support teams and whole organizations in finding their way into coherent creativity and effective implementation.

Plus, we love nature and our planet we all share. Everything we do is also in the interest of this wonderful habitat. Our designs and solutions all come from the great book of nature. They are based on universal laws and geometry.

Having said all of this, we love what we do, and we do what we love! Because of that, we don’t need much for a life in which we thrive. All the profits beyond our personal needs go directly into the NEO GEO Foundation. To create even more truly sustainable awesomeness and direct the resources to where they are needed for more and more people to thrive, and to live the life they came here to live, in harmony with natural dynamics.

*Amazing ART by Tina Rolf