“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”


©ESSENCING is a process we have developed to take organizations beyond the general branding theory of today. Branding nowadays mainly is an outside-in push-marketing image approach, predominantly being on the mission of convincing targets, and to create artificial attachments and needs to generate more growth. It costs a lot of money and effort to somehow differentiate yourself in a pool of sharks offering the same or very similar products and services, playing the game of “Survival of the Strongest”. 

©ESSENCING, on the other hand, turns everything upside down. The times of pushing, convincing, competing and hard-selling are over!

©ESSENCING goes back to your origin. To your purpose, your WHY. Why did you start the endeavor in the first place? This is where we find your gold of uniqueness. Your specific, radiant beauty to share with the world. That does not mean that we do the things as they used to be done at times of the foundation. No matter if it is a decade or two centuries ago. Together, we update the essence to these new times, but we make sure that the origin is not compromised.

A hint: Your Purpose can never be “making money.”
Money is the natural back-flow for your service to the collective.
Purpose, authenticity, and intrinsic motivation are three main ingredients of ©ESSENCING that are indispensable for long-term success. Ignoring one of those factors will cause symptoms of discrepancies, and a lack of alignment with your essence that threatens your organic growth and sustainability. On the other hand, the GAME MAP will be an early detection system for such discrepancies, and it supports  you to course correct quickly. By navigating in alignment with your GAME MAP, you lay a strong foundation for your future: Instead of hiding in the crowd, you step up to stand out and shine.

Once we have dug up and carved out your essence, we develop and/or fine tune your culture, your story and its communication as well as your unique visual expression to the world as a vital part of your GAME MAP. Our goal is to make your desired image as congruent as possible with the actual perceived image of your stakeholders. YOUR REPUTATION, which is basically the definition of trust in you, and your endeavor, and your basis for sustainable success.

This way, your essence becomes the natural attractor-field of your faithful followers, fans and customers, who are inspired by, and believe in what you do, and at the same time it prepares you for possible crises, as the trust you have built offers a strong fabric for tougher times, to make sure you sail through them as smoothly as possible. 

After the ©ESSENCING strategy is defined, and agreed on and committed to by your key internal stakeholders, we integrate it into your day to day activities as part of the GAME MAP with concrete communication measures of your unique, exciting and mind-blowing content.


Amazing ART by Cristofer Maximilian