Game Map Definition

“You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.”


After, and only after the IN-SITU-ANALYSIS and ©ESSENCING, we will start the co-creation of your GREAT BEYOND.

The GAME MAP is an artifact of clarity that will put your splendorous ESSENCE at the core, a FRESH STRATEGY around it, and a powerful VISION on the HORIZON. The GAME MAP makes you much more flexible and agile than before. You become fit for a permanent changing and morphing environment. From now on it is not only survival, but THRIVAL OF THE FITTEST for you. 

This moment is usually scary and exciting at the same time, because you can feel the mix of hope, insecurity, pride, enthusiasm and readiness to implement something that does not exist yet. The feeling of a pioneer stepping onto new ground for the first time. 

We are making sure that the GAME MAP will be developed in co-creation with your whole team. It cannot be in any other way. People’s acceptance of a new direction can only come from the option of participation. Each one has a different angle of perspective, which brings great value to a more holistic understanding. 

The Beyondables will accompany this process in a role of SPARRING. Usually, this puts people out of their comfort zones. Sometimes it can be confronting, but remember – the magic happens exactly there. 

Change is scary to most people, yet will be accepted with more ease and understanding, when people feel heard and seen in their struggle and their observations and ideas. Our experience is that often some team players are more ready for it than the owners, founders or managers. 

A GAME MAP is the definition of the frame and quantum mechanics of your endeavor’s universe. It includes and harmonizes all players in it, especially your internal team, your indirect competition and your present and future journey partners and the environment. Nevertheless, we are looking at all stakeholders holistically, to make sure we have our impact on everyone as well as their needs permanently on the radar. 

Enthusiasm always comes from a beauti- and purposeful, shared HORIZON and a shared ESSENCE. The GAME MAP’s purpose is to provide crystal clarity of WHY you want a FRESH trajectory. It shows you how ready you, and your whole organization are for this new path. You discover who your internal and external ambassadors and partners are, with the attitude and enthusiasm to jump with you into this new direction and play field.

The GAME MAP serves as an alignment tool in order to eradicate any doubt, no matter in which areas or departments. It is meant to prepare you and your organization for the starting line. It clarifies your core foundation, your vision and how to get there. It includes your values, your dynamics, your legal and your internal structure, your communication style & channels etc.

At the same time, the GAME MAP provides clarity for day to day navigation of this adventurous, challenging and fun new mission that brings true prosperity and sustainability for everyone involved. It connects your essence and your horizon with clear objectives, a clear strategy, and operational initiatives. 

It looks similar to this index-template. The level of depth and the amount of charts depends on the ambition and the different stakeholders affected.

As done in the steps before, we make sure that each one of your key internal stakeholders is fully on board to continue with the most crucial step, as it affects not only your internal but also your external stakeholders: IMPLEMENTATION

We have a 100% commitment? 

Here we go! We are ready to IMPLEMENT!

Amazing ART by Ian Schneider