Game Map Evaluation

“I am still learning.”


Life happens in cycles. Days, months, years, sunrises, sunsets, full moons, new moons, seasons. Waves after waves. It is not a linear, straight line. After 12 months of cycles and waves, many things will have changed and will be different. This is not only valid for your organization, it is also true for the very fast-paced evolving world we are all living in, and where change is the only constant. 

Month by month, we look at the development on an operational level, and observe how the transformative process is unfolding. When there is a need to adapt, fine-tune, shift, we don’t hesitate to do so. 

After a full cycle of 12 months, we look at the results on a corporate level. Together, we look at where you are in your trajectory, and how you and your key stakeholders feel after this first cycle of change. 

Evaluation is key to adjust the trajectory, in case circumstances have changed. It also serves as a permanent learning curve, to hone the GAME MAP into further perfection.

This reality check shows the power and strength of your essence, or if it has been compromised along the way.  

And more often than not this is the moment of your whole team looking at each other, patting each other on the back with a smile and a feeling of healthy pride, saying: “Wow, we are amazed of what we are capable of doing together. We did what we thought was impossible. Let’s keep going!”

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