Game Map Implementation

“Of all the things I’ve done, the most vital is coordinating the talents of those who work for us and pointing them towards a certain goal.”


This is the great moment after a lot of thorough preparation. You probably feel a mix of nervousness and excitement although you are well prepared and have an inner certainty that this is the way. It is this first-time-on-stage feeling. An exciting challenge lies ahead. The type of challenge that is scary, but at the same time so exciting and so aligned with your passion that the energy for it is always available. You simply cannot wait to witness first hand how it all unfolds.

For the first time, you go out there to tell your unique story. You introduce your unique products and/or services. You share your beauty. You do things you could not even dream of before! And you inspire other people’s dreams with your absolute uniqueness.  

For the first time you and your organization send out completely new, authentic vibes that will be received by exactly the people who are looking for what you offer, be it as a partner, a provider, a supplier, an employer…. The effect is magical. Instead of having to push, people just come to you. 

With the GAME MAP in your hands, you learn to navigate in this new way and can relax more and more. It is not us being your chauffeur to drive you from old to new. You are in the driver seat from the very first moment. We accompany you as a valuable sparring partner, as long as needed. 
Be aware, you are on completely new, uncharted territory. It is okay to feel insecure, and to stumble, and fall. No harm done. Nobody picks up a bike and rides it perfectly from day one. It takes a bit of practice, but becomes more and more fun with each day. The implementation period is an adventure with real-time challenges, testing your attitude and commitment to your new trajectory and goals defined by your HORIZON. This time is crucial, as it will show whether you hold the line despite the discomfort of not knowing, or whether you go back into your old zone of comfort.

A HORIZON defines goals in a new way. They are not driven by time-pressure and money, they are driven by passion and team-spirit. It is a unique feature of the GAME MAP to take off the pressure where it hurts your organization, and transform it into a natural drive and interdependent dynamic.

Amazing ART by Justin Veenema