“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


We dive into your organization. We become insiders for some weeks, depending on the size of your endeavor. We experience your structure, your processes, your dynamics and your culture first hand. Most importantly: We listen.

We look into every relevant corner that is crucial for the future of your whole organization. This way, we detect the weak spots as well as your innate strengths. We discover symptoms and track them back to the root cause, to find the lever where the change needs to happen. Paired with a return to your origins, we lay the foundation for your long-term success.


One of our main focus points during the analysis are your internal human dynamics. It is one of the most important key success factors for your endeavor. This factor is often ignored in standard approaches, because it is nothing that can be put into a simple linear quick wins plan nor develop easy KPIs. Most people prefer to not touch the topic, and leave it to the existing hierarchies to handle it. Dealing with human dynamics is considered to be complicated and exhausting. Nevertheless, it is people and their motivation that are running your endeavor. They are your creative potential. Their cohesion or dissension is a decisive factor for your organization’s prosperity and sustainability. A shared vision and direction, shared values and a shared understanding of the way of doing things – in short, a shared essence, is the basis for such a cohesion. It requires a LEADERSHIP that makes this a living part of day to day business, implements it as a navigation tool, and as a means of accountability for everyone.


Closely related to Human Dynamics is your way of communicating. Mastering the art of non-linear, coherent and authentic communication with all your relevant internal and external stakeholders is a key success factor for your organization. It largely impacts your effectivity, your efficiency and your credibility, by preventing misunderstandings and providing clarity on your vision, your direction, and your values. Your reputation is the new business card. People are tired of empty promises and impersonal, insincere marketing / sales efforts. The only way for long-term clients is an honest effort to build relationships and community, with a real interest in people, not their wallets.


Another vital ingredient for your success are creative innovations based on and aligned with your essence. Creativity and innovation need space and time in silence, away from the daily noise and routines. Although being such an important success factor, it is often postponed to later – because it is nothing you can measure with standard KPIs. Way too often, it is seen through the filter of being a cost factor, instead of being perceived as the key for a sustainable and prosperous future. It is key for your UNIQUENESS. During our analysis, we look into the creative and innovative potential of your organization, and come up with proposals of how to put it into action.


As externals, we have a holistic, unfiltered, unbiased view on what is going on, simply because we don’t have any hidden agenda and are – contrary to your players – not entangled with the future of your company for our own survival. This also differentiates us from classic consultancy firms that are preferring to control your reality with pre-made standard solutions and powerpoints, in order to get a dependent mid to long term client.

Instead, we are interested in your success. Because your success is our reputation. From the beginning, we make sure to leave nothing out. We hold the mirror for you with absolute clarity and honesty to make sure nothing will lead to frustration with the results of the GAME MAP.

The outcome of this analysis is an honest review of your endeavor in its momentary state, as well as a synthesis, showing the opportunities that lie ahead and the external influencing factors we need to keep in check. It serves as a basis for an honest, transparent dialogue on the process as well as required resources with your internal key stakeholders and decision makers. This way, we make sure everyone is on the same page, before we go ahead into the transformational process. Only when there is clarity, when the necessary resources are confirmed, and when everyone in this round is 100% committed to this new direction and approach, we continue. 

Honesty and transparency is key throughout the whole process of transformation. A cohesive group of leaders is essential to the success of your endeavor. We have experienced so many times that different agendas of different stakeholders have led to unrealistic goals, compromising the stability of the whole organization, and in the worst case causing a collapse. And this cannot be in the interest of anyone involved.

Together with the results of the ©ESSENCING for your organization, the IN-SITU-ANALYSIS is serving as the basis for the definition of your tailor-made GAME MAP of your unique trajectory to success.

This analysis will bring clarity as well as doubts you will see yourself confronted with. Doubts are a blessing in disguise, as they challenge you into a choicepoint: Go back to what you already know, or move on into a whole new playfield of completely new opportunities.

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