Our Story

Circulo del Liceo Masquerade Ball Liceu Barcelona 2018 Vera Agustí Turandot Pirate

“After having met you guys, we realize that we have been living a life in black and white. Now, for the first time we see it in technicolor.”

This sentence by a CEO of a successful traditional security company in the south eastern coast of Spain, initiated “The Beyondables.”

She could not believe the innovation we proposed would make her company so unique in such a simple way. It might sound like a sentence someone says to Toby Maguire in “Pleasantville”, a true masterpiece from 1998. Just like Toby, we did not realize until that moment, how extraordinary, valuable and special it is what we are offering to people and their endeavors just by being us. Why? Because we were acting from our Essence. When you are acting from that place, things are so easy and natural to you that it does not seem any special. What you do is effortless and unique at the same time. Until this fateful encounter we did not understand the true meaning of the quote of Dr. Robert Ford in Westworld: “Everything is magic, except to the magician.” Now, it all of a sudden made perfect sense. 

Back to Pleasantville: Also here, Toby Maguire does not do anything special from his point of view. He is just himself, living and acting according to his values and virtues and shares what he loves. It is difficult to accept that it can be that simple. That you can impact a gray world full of routine in such a way, that it shifts its whole trajectory and society. 

We, Vera and Agustí, are together, and have been working together since February 2018. Since then, we have accompanied many people and their endeavors, and we have built many prototypes for a new way of organization. It has been a very steep and awesome learning curve, with a crystal clear understanding of how to do it, and how not to do it. We are a perfect match. While Agustí is a great initiator and comes up with incredible structure and jaw-dropping content, Vera makes sure the flow keeps flowing, always having the communication and human dynamics in check for all relevant internal and external stakeholders. 

In our adventures of researching this new way, we met many people who became close friends from all corners of the world and from very different backgrounds.

No matter who the person we are relating to, we treat everybody with the same respect, empathy and integrity. Don’t get us wrong – that includes boundaries. We are very clear on what is aligned with our values, and what is not. They are an integral part of our essence that leaves no room for compromise. 

People are the key to success in any endeavor. It is NOT technology. Technology is a great helper, but nothing can replace the human capacity of innovation and creativity.

Yet, we needed to learn a very clear lesson:

All of the manifold, diverse endeavors had one thing in common: A lack of a common purpose and vision, as well as a lack of shared values. People coming together without an alignment on these base agreements and without their full commitment, will sooner than later end up in the same old conflicts, hierarchies and structures, leading to the same old disappointments and frustrations.

Since we (Vera and Agustí) met, we were exploring and finding our new place between the worlds of entrepreneurship, philanthropy, beauty, arts, innovation, technology and philosophy/humanism. Before the above-mentioned meeting with the CEO of the security company, our focus was on finding our purpose in this forcefield, rather than just making money. We really set the quote “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life” as a benchmark for ourselves and our daily life. We understood that sharing your essence in this way with the world automatically creates a backflow for your individual needs. 

We knew with absolute clarity that we are here to bring creativity into business. And with that same absolute clarity we knew: Back to business, yes. Back to the rat race. No. 

Flashback again to October 2021, sitting in the office of said CEO together with her and her family office advisor. This man, advising many top family offices in the area of Alicante, commented: “Guys, your life wisdom in combination with your creativity is so valuable and unique, you will soon be advising really important people as trusted and valued persons with a seat on their boards.”

Today, 2023, it is one of the targets we offer our services to. 

In February 2022 this website went online in a first version. From that moment, we worked with some really interesting and diverse cases/clients that contributed to a further honing of our service range. The result is the relaunched website you are visiting at this moment. 

Those clients that took the leap are enjoying a new spirit of optimism and outlook thanks to their own uniqueness, excavated jointly. They value our presence and commitment during their transformation into their highest potential.