“I settle for nothing less than quantum leaps.”


Vera is a true leader from the heart. She is living her life beyond, doing and sharing only what she loves, inspiring people and enriching their life experience. She used to be an excellent key performer in the Corporate Rat Race, yet life had more in store for her. To stop her and to rethink her life, she experienced a slipped disk and burnout that made her question everything. She went on a quest of self-inquiry and discovery, finding her way back to her essence, equilibrium and happiness. 

As a former Head of Communications and Marketing in the Automotive Corporate World, Vera has learned a lot about the linear, unhealthy codependent patterns in economy, the business world, companies, organizations and the people involved, leading to many conflicts and ego-battles, be it on a macro- or microlevel. Already back then, she was introducing new non-linear ways of human relating, team building and group dynamics, enriching branding, internal and external communication as well as the change management of the company with transparency and authenticity. She was known (and feared especially by the silo managers) for her radically new approaches of integrated communication and cooperation. 

Later, in her time as a self-employed life-coach, she understood how universal and personal energetic patterns influence and drive our reality and how we can master our own energies, and with it our relationships, our wellbeing, and the shift of our reality in a simple and effective way. She loves to relate quantum physics to daily life experience and is a master in translating complexity into simplicity. 

In her work and creations today, she is combining her wisdom, her knowledge as well as her life and work experience to create pure magic – for individuals, groups and organizations.


Vera lives and breathes best in the field of perceived impossibilities related to human dynamics and communication on a strategic meta-level. She has a great passion for finding and communicating/expressing the essence of people, groups and organizations. She has the ability to see bridges and commonalities where others see unsurmountable obstacles and conflict. People appreciate her non-judgmental objectivity and her way of breaking down complex things into simplicity. Vera loves to work with people and teams to bring them to true, joyful co-creation, efficiency and effectiveness by accompanying them to perceive interpersonal and interorganizational dynamics in completely new ways.

Ever since she studied international economy and business, she laid her focus in all her work on a balanced stakeholder approach instead of the overhyped shareholder value at all cost. Already back then, she was able to see its fallacy and its destructive effect on cost of all other stakeholders, while most of her professors at the university were still praising the idea of neo-capitalism, the central role of investors and money having the control and power over people and organizations. With todays pressing issues of the world, it dawns to more and more people that a paradigm shift is needed to completely new approaches to respect one of the most important stakeholders: Nature.

For Vera, it was already clear for a long time that not money would be the driver for true innovation and a harmonization with nature, but people and their unique talents and abilities. She intuitively knew that the focus needed to be on truly seeing and appreciating the diversity of individuals and fostering the understanding of the immense value and creative power when diversity acts in synergy. It is a potential that so often, still today is ignored and is laying dormant and unused under the superficiality of ”endless growth” and ”more ROI”.

Her approach for a sustainable future is creating equality (not sameness) amongst all stakeholders, whether they bring money, creativity, manual abilities, wisdom, know-how, networks, spaces, inspiration etc. to the table. The new business model is a friendship based on respect and kindness, one team doing it together. It is not a deal or negotiation about maximizing the return on investments and hierarchical powers of traditional roles and responsibilities. For Vera it is clear that we need a renaissance in the way we organize and drive business. And with it, creating new reference points for a bright future where everyone thrives. The base ingredient is simple yet very challenging for the human of today: Trust.

In her time as Head of Corporate and Market Communications at GETRAG, one of the leading transmissions manufacturers of the world, she had the playground available she needed to research, develop and prototype completely new ways of human interaction, co-creation and communication. Here are some of her greatest achievements from that time: 







Vera left GETRAG in 2014 after it was clear that the company will be sold to MAGNA. Her feeling was right about the conservative and impersonal corporation. Everything that was created in her time was step by step dismantled and integrated into the old hierarchical silo structures of the automotive giant. Until today she is in touch with several of her former employees and colleagues, and they all agree: ”What we did and created together was the best and most inspiring, mind-blowing thing we have ever experienced.”