We are based in Olot, a small city located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees in beautiful Catalunya, where we spend a good amount of time outdoors. Whether we go for hikes, skiing, climbing or sit by the sea, that is where we get our crazy yet grounded ideas. 

The connectedness to nature and its elements is so important for true creativity. Inspiration never happens in a 24/7 buzzing environment with permanent noise and distractions. Our mind needs to stop so that clear intuition can come through.

The more we slow down, the faster we can move. This is true efficiency and effectiveness – a beautiful paradox.

Snow Neu Plaça Malagrida Olot Garrotxa Catalunya

Olot is a hidden gem, just a little bit too far away from everything. That way, it has preserved its artisan culture and the love of analog life, art and nature. The Catalan culture has co-creativity and doing things together written into its culture. In Olot alone there are over 200 registered associations. Many cultural activities and festivals are happening all year round, mixing tradition with modernity. Here, you live with a feeling of being outside of time. It is like a living museum.

Ball dels Gegants Festa Major del Tura Olot Plaça Major

The rhythm is much slower than in the big cities of the world.

Correfoc Diables Olot Garrtoxa Festa Major Tura

The history of Olot is full of great pioneers, especially in art, architecture and engineering.

One of the oldest art-schools of Catalunya was founded here by the masters of well known artists, such as Dalí, Picasso and Miró.

Olot Ciudad Jardin Garrotxa Eixample Malagrida Girona Catalunya

The Catalan modernism was basically born here, before it landed in Barcelona, and was exported to the USA.

The essence of this city is strong, although it has been compromised by industrialization. It is a sleeping beauty that is reawakening to its true purpose: To return to being a pioneering hub for art, science and humanities for a Second Renaissance.

Foto des del Volcà Montsacopa a Olot al Cap Vespre amb la llum del Modest Urgell